Atlanta is where quarterbacks go to die

The Falcons’ newest starting quarterback Byron Leftwich was injured Sunday in Atlanta’s 22-16 loss to the Saints, leaving the game in the third quarter with what coach Bobby Petrino said was a high ankle sprain. Leftwich was named the starter after the Falcons struggled to just a 1-5 record under Joey Harrington. Harrington, of course, has started this entire year due to Michael Vick’s well-publicized legal troubles. He came in to the game after Leftwich’s injury on Sunday and completed 12 passes for 128 yards.

Last week, in an article on the inordinately large number of backup quarterbacks getting playing time in the NFL this year, I suggested that the Falcons were “looking past Byron Leftwich to see if Erin Andrews is available.” I’d like to withdraw that suggestion. Apparently there is a curse on quarterbacks in Atlanta, and I don’t want her breaking her jaw or shattering her femur or getting arrested for meth distribution. If that happened, who would I secretly fantasize about when I’m watching ESPN college football? Chris Berman? Don’t make me laugh. He’s way too old for me.

^ Not Chris Berman


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